Time of Silence

Summer is approaching fast. Looking back we realize that there has not been a significant post in nearly four months. One may also notice that we’ve returned to the old format that we had numerous years ago. Basically, just trying to get a handle on how to proceed with this blog again after such a […]

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Awakening the Blog

It’s been awhile. Just wanted to post a little snippet to let folks know that we’re still here. Several of the reviewers have gotten together to discuss things. The goal is to post a few more reviews of books that may appeal to your reading venue. There was also some talk about reviewing some of […]

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Heir of Hope

Heir of Hope Follower of the Word – Book 3 By Morgan L. Busse ISBN-13: 978-1621840398 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 368 Pub Date: April 2015 Publisher: Enclave Publishing   Rowen Mar is the last Truthsayer and she faces the most challenging ordeal of her young life. Brought to the fallen city of Thyra by an ethereal […]

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Son of Truth

Son of Truth Follower of the Word – Book 2 By Morgan L. Busse ISBN-13: 978-1935929918 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 352 Pub Date: April 2013 Publisher: Enclave Publishing   Caleb Tala is an assassin, a very good one. His cousin, ruler of the Temanin Empire, has sent him north to oversee the invasion of the northern […]

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