The Saga of Harmin Race

The Saga Of Harmin Race The Beginning: Book 1 by Robert L. Lanese ISBN-13: 9781441558312 (Trade Paperback) 276 pages Pub. Date: August 2009 Publisher: Xlibris Harmin Race is definitely not your average kid. Not for a minute. Impressively entering MIT at an age where most kids are trying to figure out why school is necessary, […]

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Faith Awakened

Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges ISBN-13: 9780986451706 (Trade Paperback) 180pages Pub. Date: June 2009 Publisher: Splashdown Books The greatest lapses in judgement can occur when high ranking government officials seek to rule over earth’s inhabitants with absolute power and control. It was not nuclear, but it was powerful enough to wipe out most of the […]

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Child of Light

Child of Light by Diane Bentley Barker ISBN: 1-4257-1582-6 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 256 Pub. Date: July 2006 Publisher: Xlibris Corporation “The Goddess told us there may be one of us chosen to disappear into time… She told us these special time travelers live however long they are needed in one place…. I pray you are […]

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Sojourn by Jana G. Oliver Book One: Time Rover Series ISBN 1896944302 (Trade Paperback) 369 pages Pub Date: April 2006 Publisher: Dragon Moon Press Jacynda Lassiter is a Time Rover on a mission. Find a missing “tourist” and bring him back to 2057 before he changes history. A simple task? Not quite. The time period […]

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