DNA The Alex Cave Series – Book 6 by James. M. Corkill ISBN-13: 978-1974366385 Pages: 348 Pub Date: August 2017 Publisher: CSIPP It all begins with history, ancient history and secrets buried in the earth. Archaeologist Mya Austin has discover a prophetical cave drawing on the sacred grounds of the Sioux Nation that gives all […]

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The Relic

The Relic Star Crystal Chronicles – Book One by Steven Macon ISBN-13: 978-1548125202 Pages: 314 Pub Date: July 2017 Publisher: CSIPP It all starts with an earthquake. This one in South America that would catch the eyes of a select group of scientists in one corner of the planet and at the same time a […]

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While surfing through YouTube I came across this short sci-fi film. This short feature is by Dalang Films. It has a very interesting approach to what appears to be an ordinary survey on a remote planet. The two survey members that go planetside suddenly find themselves in danger when one of them falls into an […]

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Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion by Paul Dellinger ISBN-13: 978-0990753018 Pages: 150 Pub Date: June 2016 Publisher: FuturesPast Publishing Simon Carr is a reporter. He’s on assignment, however, reluctantly. He’s in Roanoke, Virginia to cover the sci-fi convention called Star-Con. He’s not really thrilled about all this weirdness, but, as a favor to his old boss at the […]

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