Destroyer The Void Wraith Trilogy – Book 1 by C. T. Fox ISBN-13: 978-1530628506 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 346 Pub Date: March 2016 Publisher: CSIPP   The legendary Captain Dryker, hero of the Tigris War, has been sent to find out what happened to the colonists on Mar Kona. In doing so they discover the debris […]

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Gravity The Alex Cave Series Book 4 by James M. Corkill ISBN-13: 978-1517432195 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 334 Pub Date: Sept 2015 Publisher: CSIPP This is the fourth in a series of stories starring Alex Cave, and the first I have had the opportunity to read. It is a satisfying Bruce Willis-type action-hero adventure romp in […]

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Sadana 999

Sadana 999 by Marsha L. Ceniceros ISBN-13: 978-1519681256 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 194 Pub Date: November 2015 Publisher: CSIPP Imagine a future where our world begins attracting UFOs of the “flying saucer” variety to the extent that some begin failing and crashing, with aliens of various kinds spilling out. The military tries to keep up with […]

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