Ancient Armada

Ancient Armada Book One by Tyler Leslie ISBN-13: 978-1468540918 (Hardcover) Pages: 464 Pub Date: January 2012 Publisher: AuthorHouse Davis Martin awakens to what he thinks is going to be a typical day. He’s a deep sea miner and his world is about to come crashing down as alien invaders blast their way into his deep […]

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The Oneprince

The Oneprince by Bill Hand ISBN-13: 9781448632145 (Trade Paperback) 564 Pages Pub. Date: June 2009 Publisher: CreateSpace With the advent of movie versions of The Lord of the Rings, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and the Harry Potter books, a new surge in fantasy epics is causing readers to flock to bookstores. But […]

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The Bialien Trilogy

The Bialien Trilogy by Vlane Carter ISBN-13: 9780578044545 (Trade Paperback) 684 pages Pub Date: July 2010 Publisher: VC Imagination Factory It is 1996 and the US military is quite concerned in regards to a recent UFO sighting. Despite all the press of how the US military has officially retired Operation Blue Book and other such […]

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Dauntless Homecoming

Dauntless Homecoming by Peter Koziar ISBN-13: 978-1453637951 (Trade Paperback) ASIN: B003Z0D2L6 (Kindle Edition) 484 Pages Pub Date: July 2010 Publisher: CreateSpace For most people, going home is an experience wrapped in anticipation of seeing familiar things and places. The anticipation can be almost intoxicating. But for the crew of the interstellar ship, Dauntless, this homecoming […]

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