100 Different Windows

image Branch & Vine Publishers
image Branch & Vine Publishers

The other day I picked up an old publication that was the founding stone of this current venue. The Alien Alerts Journal was the pioneering vehicle we used at the start of this new century to get things out there about the New Voices of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I wanted to share a portion of an article that I think fits to what is transpiring now in the world of indie publishing. Hopefully you and your book or artwork is one of the windows this little snippet talks about. — Steven Macon, Editor

And where is your part in this vast scheme of things? Your part in the grand adventure? As writers and artists of science fiction and fantasy, our goal is to continue to speculate and write about those far frontiers that give us vision. Our stories, books and art are the inspiration for those pioneers who will achieve the goals we have written about in our fantastic look into the future. As writers and artists we visualize and put to paper what can be done and then someone else will do their part and will envision the idea and make it happen. How many years, decades or centuries it may take, man will always be spurred on by the dreams of others and the tales spun by writers and artists who were not afraid to reach out and let the world know that there is more out there. Again, we must go… we must write… we must draw… all the fantastic future events we can dream. Just like the men and women who are training for the real space exploration, we as writers and artists must continue to put to paper our glimpses of the future. Through a hundred different windows the view of the future will always be an exciting transcending vision. Dream on! (We Must Go, Alien Alerts Journal, Fall 2003)


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