Three Agendas

Three Agendas
by Larry Wade Livingston

ISBN-13: 9781450068727 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781450068734 (Hardcover)
263 pages
Pub Date: April, 2010
Publisher: Xlibris

Larry Wade Livingston’s three story collection runs the gambit from science fiction to thriller. The opening story, Reality/Destiny, is a compelling look at how the crew of a ballistic missile submarine handle themselves as they are suddenly transported to an alien world. The crew must function as a unit and depend on each others skills in order to survive. Crystal Heart is a suspenseful story of secrets and deceptions in how Robert Worthington came to power. Worthington’s business becomes the center stage for family infighting. Greed is the primary focus until the discovery of something buried beneath the Worthington mansion. The author’s last tale of intrigue is Argon Six. Secreted away in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon jungle is the world’s largest mine. These rough neck miners not only have the hellish jungle to content with, but tempers flair as the isolation begins to take its toll. The jungle is dangerous, the working conditions are dangerous and the miners are dangerous; but that all pales in comparison as a new danger emerges from the mine itself. This deadly pathogen is now ready to take over the world.

Mr. Livingston has put together three tales that most readers should enjoy. The author writes well and his characters for the most part are very believable. The science fiction story runs a little rough with no enough description and too much information about subs and such that just bog the story down. The later two stories move along at a good clip and have some interesting outcomes. Perhaps we’ll see a full length novel from Larry Wade Livingston in the future. — Steven Fivecats, Editor


One thought on “Three Agendas

  1. Dear Steven, I just came across your comments on my Three Agendas book. I wanted to thank you for the kind words you said during your descriptions of the stories. I agree that I did indeed use to much info about the Ohio type subs. I truly didn’t realize that until it was published.
    I also wanted to thank you for not mentioning the terrible editing. I paid a small fortune to have it edited and they did a terrible job of it. I will never trust anyone again, I will read it first next time around before the printing.
    I have a book of short stories coming out late fall or winter this year. Once again thank you for your kind words. I am waiting to see if there is any interest in a third part sequel to the end of the third story in Three Agendas. Larry Wade Livingston

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