News & Muse – January

The Pluto Award is behind us now. We send congrats again to Amy Deardon for winning this year’s Pluto. So, what’s next with things from Yellow30 Sci-Fi? We will be featuring several authors during the year and we’ll start things out with F.S. Vander Meer, author of The Ballad of Bawdy McClure.  We’ll be asking her questions about her book, it’s creation, publishing processes and about her life.

We are also tossing around a short story contest. The details are yet to be worked out, but we should have something more conclusive in a few weeks. We would appreciate any feedback from our readers/fans on this little venture. Right now we’re looking at the word limit for the story would be 2500 words. There will be an entry fee which will go to offset the printing cost of the books. Again, this is still in the concept stage and input would be appreciated.

Other than those things, we’re  back in the groove. Please remember to check our guidelines when submitting books for review.


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