The 2009 Pluto Award Winner

The anticipation of  “The envelope, please!” can be a nail-biter at times. This year’s award winner selection definitely falls into the category of “tense.”  The long wait is over! The Award Committee has made the final selection. Three ladies and three first novels, no easy task to decide who will come out the top author on this one. All the finalists are gifted writers in their own right. Talent, detail and imagination is woven through each of these novels like a finely crafted tapestry. To say there are two losers would not be a correct statement. By no means are any of these books or authors losers. Far from it. The final selection was a tough one. The Awards Committee said that even with the new criteria for selection the final tabulation was close. So with this in mind, please give a high five and a round of applause to Amy Deardon for her book, A Lever Long Enough as this year’s Pluto Award Winner.

2009 Pluto Award Winner

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