2009 Pluto Award

Well for all those faithful who’ve been following us for a long time, yes, we’ve made a final decision on what to do about the Pluto Award. Speculations were that we would let it fade from memory. Some of the staff thought otherwise. After some long discussion with staff and other people on the outside, we’re going to keep this thing going. The criteria will change in the way the award is given and judged. The Awards committee has established a new set of rules that the staff feels will give all books that we review a fair shot at the award any given year. Please check out our main site for details. The Main Site.

We hope that this award will continue to grow and there may be a possibility that next year we’ll break it down into categories and give out more than one award which would be real cool. We can say this, that the finalists will be selected by the middle of next month, so there should be some excitement for all those authors that we’ve reviewed. Thanks again for your continued support.


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