The Shadow Seer

Ellenessia’s Curse The Shadow Seer – Book 1 by Fran Jacobs ISBN: 9781921314933 (E-book) 338 pages Pub. Date: April 2009 Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing Prince Candale is ill. He has been deathly ill for some time and the fear is that he will soon die. Candale himself is barely able to comprehend anything around him. […]

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Outer Darkness

Outer Darkness by Bart Brevik ISBN-13: 9780615165370 398 pages Pub. Date: November 2007 Publisher: Bart Brevik Does evil really exist? Or is it just an abstract idea used to explain away the bad things that men do sometimes? Pastor Jim DiMario comes face to face with true evil when a chain of events set in […]

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Muse and News-June

May has come and gone. June is nearly half way through and we’re looking at July in short order.  There hasn’t been much news or muse to speak of. Several of the staff have headed home for the summer. Yes, Charlotte we have some college kids doing stuff for us. Keeps us young at heart […]

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